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COBB Turbo Fitment (E1120G)


Although the COBB turbo could probably will fit more applications than the 08-14 STI models, we decided to narrow the application list for a few different reasons.

First, with the all the different engine offerings from Subaru, you could not choose 1 turbo that would fit them all.  Thus through extensive testing we determined that this turbo's performance range is most ideal for a stock engine 08+ STI and a customer wanting to get more power without fully building an engine.

Second, we noticed with a majority of the current offerings on the market, they did not necessarily have the greatest fit with the throttle-by-wire throttle body.  Thus we came up with an offset compressor outlet that allows for more room for the throttle body's wiring and connector.

OTS Maps for this turbo will be available soon in our Map Database!

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