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Dealership Consult tool won't recognize my car


Key Terms:
ECU - Engine Control Module
TCM - Transmission Control Module

Users with the AP-NIS-006 (TCM flashing capabilities) will some time run into the problem that the Dealership's Consult tool won't recognize their vehicle.  The Accessport with added capabilities of TCM flashing might encounter dealership tool communication issues due to revisions made to the TCM ROM.  The Consult III expects the GT-R to have a very specific ECU and TCM rom combination (i.e. 2012 USDM GT-R ECU Rom & KB51B TCM [LC4 rom]).  In the event the ECU and TCM rom combination is not correct the tool refuses to proceed.

The Fix:

  1.  Uninstall the Accessport - this places the stock ECU and TCM rom back onto their correspndonding modules.

"I've uninstalled the Accessport, but the Consult still won't communicate."

Early adopters of the AP-NIS-006 Accessport with TCM (LC1-LC5) flashing capabilities were susceptible to a system bug which prevented the stock TCM rom from being flashed back onto the  transmission control module at the time of uninstall.  Instead the last used TCM rom would persist.


  1. With the Accessport uninstalled the transmission drive logic doesn't behave like stock during shifts, acceleration, braking, launch, etc.
  2. After uninstalling, a re-install of the Accessport, ... when identifying the TCM module the wrong TCM ID is displayed.

The Fix:
1. Contact Tech. Support:

  • Phone: 866.922.3059


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