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BMW Tunes and Flashing


When using the AccessPORT to flash your BMW, it is important to recognize if your car has been previously flash tuned. We always recommend reverting your ECU back to stock before using the AccessPORT to prevent any compatibility issues with previous tuning. The BMW Performance Power Kit (PPK) can be recognized and saved by the AccessPORT and then used during the uninstall process. 

The N54 AccessPORT (AP-BMW-001) can also recognize tunes from Dinan, GIAC, and some DimSport flashes. The N55 AccessPORT(AP-BMW-002) can recognize tunes from Dinan and some DimSport flashes. But, because these calibrations are encrypted, they can not be saved by the AccessPORT. Therefore, during the uninstall process, you car will be reverted back to a factory BMW ROM. 

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