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BMW and Mini Key Sequence


BMW/Mini Ignition Sequences

Numbers correspond to the amount of times the ignition button is pressed. 

2007 335i 

Key In

  1. Radio comes on (ACC)
  2. Dash lights and AC turn on (ON)
  3. Only radio is on (ACC)
  4. Off
  5. Radio on (ACC)
  6. Dash lights and AC (ON)
  7. Radio on (ACC)
  8. Off


Key Out

  1. Off
  2. Radio on (ACC)
  3. Lights and AC (ON)
  4. Radio on (ACC)
  5. Off

On the Mini and BMW, the AP will identify the vehicle with the ignition in the ACC position, but it will throw an ECU Comms error when it goes to download the stock ECU data.

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