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R35 GT-R Upgrade Path


The R35 GT-R is an amazing car to drive and makes some great power from the factory, but is even more fun with a few modifications! You can find power gains and more information on the Accessport Product Page.

Stage 1

Designed for a completely stock vehicle, you can see a power gain from tuning alone using the Accessport

Stage 2

Add a higher flowing y-pipe to step up to Stage 2 power levels. Combine with downpipes and a catback exhaust to get the full power potential out of Stage 2 mapping. 

*Either of the stages above can be combined with the SF Intakes of the Big SF Intakes with free map downloads!

Higher horsepower mapping is also available for cars with larger intakes and a full exhaust, but it may start to push the limits of the fueling system. From there, the next best power modifications are upgraded injectors and fuel pumps. 

Stage 3 

We offer free Stage 3 maps designed for Stage 2 modifications plus ID1000 injectors, upgraded fuel pumps, and COBB Big SF Intakes. These maps are compatible with both pump gas and E85. All of the details can be found in the map notes

Beyond this, there is a wide variety of great turbo upgrades available to make even more power. COBB's Speed Density tuning strategy is used by the top tuning shops worldwide to make the biggest horsepower GT-Rs! You can find a local tuner or e-tuner to create a custom map for any combination of parts custom suited to your exact vehicle and atmospheric conditions here: COBB Shops and COBB Tuning Network

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