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How to get your external WBO2 device to work with your Accesstuner Race software.


We have written five Dynamic Link Library (.dll) files that will allow the following Wide Band O2 measurement devices to work with the Accesstuner software. These .dll files are automatically installed when you install the Accesstuner software. The devices we currently support are the AEM Digital UEGO, Innovate Motorsports LM-1/LC-1, MoTeC Professional Lambda Meter PLM, PLX Devices M-300 USB, PLX Devices R-300/500, PLX Devices iMFD WBO2 (DM-100/DM-200/SM-AFR), and Zeitronix Zt-2. If you have an external WB02 device other than the previously mentioned models then we do not currently support that device. We have written detailed .pdf instructions for you to follow, see below links. These instructions will teach you how to configure and establish communication with the device. Please download the applicable .pdf instructions for your external WBO2 device.

AEM Digital UEGO
Innovate Motorsports LM-1 or LC-1 If you are having connectivity issues with your LC-1, you are going to need to make sure the internal configuration is properly set in your LC-1 using the Innovate Motorsports LogWorks software. Check the multiplier in LM Programmer to ensure that gasoline is selected and programmed into the device. 
PLXDevices M-300
PLXDevices R-300 or R-500
PLXDevices iMFD WBO2
Zeitronix Zt-2

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